If wild red wolves are lost, it would mark one of

Menu:About Ventura Do Business in Ventura Industries Resources Ventura A Great Place to LiveThe DirectoryEvent CalendarWho We Are Staff 2020 Board of Directors Chairman’s Circle Committees Ambassadors Biz Connections Economic Development Legislative Committee Green Task Force Political Action Committee Ventura Commerce Education Foundation Leadership Ventura Principal for a Day Young Professionals Group (YPG)What We Do Membership Benefits of Membership Join Business Development Governmental Representatives Resources 2020 Employment Posters on sale now! Economic Development Legislative Committee Events Connection Breakfast Join the Breakfast Club! TASTE The MIX! Poinsettia Awards State of the City State of Education Semi Annual Business Expo Economic Outlook Breakfast Seminars Workshops Annual Meeting Board Installation Networking Connection Breakfast Biz Connections The MIX! Business Advocacy Political Action Committee Economic Development Legislative Committee Community Development Ventura Commerce Education Foundation Leadership Ventura Principal for a Day Poinsettia Awards Ventura Business TodayVENTURA COUNTY, CA Super bowl 51 marks the end of the NFL season, but for the newest semi pro football team in Ventura County, the 805 Bears, a new season is underway. On February 25, they will be hosting Yuca Valley Hi Desert Vipers.The 805 Bears are the only spring season semi pro football team in the area. They are comprised of 45 men and the coaching staff.

wholesale nfl jerseys This sprawling mix of swamp and forest is the only place in the world where red wolves live in the wild, and on a breezy afternoon Ron Sutherland set out to find one.He drove an SUV slowly on lumpy dirt roads for nearly four hours, scanning spindly trees, murky canals, green thickets and muck. Two other sharp eyed conservationists helping to search from the back seat also saw nothing.A second fruitless search the next morning left little doubt: The red wolf, which went extinct https://www.okjersey.us in the wild before the federal government managed to revive the species, is disappearing again, maybe forever.A few weeks after the 30th anniversary of reintroduction, there is serious doubt that the only distinctively American wolf, which once ranged throughout the southeast United States, can survive outside zoos. If wild red wolves are lost, it would mark one of the biggest and most dramatic failures for a federal endangered species recovery plan.The story of the rise and fall of the experimental red wolf population at the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge is a testament to the power of the Endangered Species Act to protect wildlife and its limitations. wholesale nfl jerseys

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