Said the reason people don feel the pain of the

The Steelers aren only patient with their coaches. That philosophy extends to the players as well. They don focus on college accolades, 40 yard dash statistics, or bench press reps. The Steelers expressed their appreciation for how law enforcement officials ended the threat, saying in a statement Sunday: “The Heinz Field website received a threat concerning the playoff game vs. Jacksonville. We take all threats seriously and turned over information to the FBI and the City of Pittsburgh police.

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They held our contracts the entire time. They could have ended contracts and we could have at least tried for an NFL spot. They held our contracts all the way until NFL camps had already started, so getting an NFL job (in 2020) is completely out of the question now.

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Antonio and Dawn Armstrong were both 42 years old. Several said the Armstrongs were great parents to their three children, including the 16 year old alleged shooter. The couple also had a 20 year old son and a younger daughter, both of whom were reportedly home during the shooting, but unharmed..

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