Wickersham and Van Natta say some owners viewed

It was, as Shurmur points out, just “a one game sample size.” But there was something in the quality of that victory that suggests the Giants may have found their next great quarterback. “He’s one of the smartest players I ever been around,” Shepard says. Asked whether he has seen any change in Jones’s demeanor over the past week since he went from jeered joke to Wonder Boy in the space of a Sunday, Shepherd replied, “You see the same thing, which is great, and what you want to see: the same guy every day that’s going to come to work and handle business.

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I’ve always said that your offense should be what the quarterback does best, away from, ‘Okay, whatever the playbook says.’ Obviously we’ve got the playbook in, all the installation and all that stuff. That can all go out the window when we get our hands on it and get to know exactly what he’s doing and what he feels comfortable with. You don’t pay that guy that much money to try to put him in a square hole.”.