Hand strength for contested balls is questionable

The injury occurred during the second quarter, and while the game was still going on, Thomas posted a tweet that said he was contemplating retirement. That was quickly followed by a tweet that made a laughing, cryptic reference to fellow Seattle safety Kam Chancellor, leading some to wonder whetherthe first tweet was meant seriously. Thomas broke his leg on a collision with Chancellor while they were disruptinga pass intended for Carolina tight end Greg Olsen..

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But collectively, what do you have there? You have spare parts and duct tape. Even if there’s a fun story or two in how those spare parts arrived in Ashburn and were inserted into what’s left of this machine, they are roster churn and nothing more. They’re simply not the core of a team you’ll welcome back to training camp, thinking they’re the building blocks to push past the 7 9 to 9 7 netherworld and on to bigger and better things..

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