Nature designed us to survive and because of that

We sing Happy Birthday to celebate another year of life. We walk down the aisle to wed to a song of our choosing. There is even music played when we meet our demise and are laid out in our casket. The thing I love about this game is its free flow system. In video games a free flowing system is gameplay which allows the user to travel around to any destination he or she desires(within the realms of the game), without having to following a path or a strict plot line. The benefit of this is it allows you to play side missions or just stop every day crime.

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After office hours, you normally find me at a ball field. These days, I am on call from home and able to offer after hours telehealth visits. It convenient for patients (and satisfying for me) to diagnose and treat poison oak without having to refer someone to an urgent care or wait until Monday..

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