Nobody don’t know what they’re talking about

“Well, you know, it was, the officials recommended that because of all the confusion that, you know, hey, you know, this is, a, you know, they just said this is a challengeable call,” Zorn smoothly explained during his press conference. “And up in the box, we were debating the rule of the fair catch, and so I wanted them to rehash that, and I thought it was the right call to challenge. I mean, if I didn’t challenge it, I would be kicking myself if it could have been in our favor, so it was worth the timeout for me.”.

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Jones didn’t have as solid of a game as you would expect against the Jets (three catches for 29 yards) but he did have nine targets. And, as Buffalo’s slot receiver, he will likely not face Darius Slay in coverage next week. Instead, expect him to matchup against Nevin Lawson, who has allowed a 116.7 passer rating when targeted in the slot this season.

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25 Republican National Convention. Here her speech, in three minutes. Washington Post Guild Washington Post trump republican na trump rnc trump trump bondi sandmann rnc paul rnc speech pompeo rnc speech lady trump trump trump national convention2020 2020 national convention Botsford takeaways from the second night of the Republican National Convention uses powers of government in service of reelection, with pardoning and naturalization ceremonies Trump was praised for acknowledging racism.

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Brady is making a classy exit, but it’s still difficult and loaded with conflict. He would rather play against his coach than live in doubt with him. Unlike Montana’s trade from San Francisco to Kansas City, Favre’s exit from Green Bay to the New York Jets and later Minnesota or Peyton Manning’s departure from Indianapolis to Denver, there is no Steve Young, Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck in place to succeed Brady in New England.

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Just a few months later, his name was announced as the No. 1 overall pick at the 2016 NFL draft. Then, in his rookie season with the Rams, he went winless in seven starts and was immediately labeled a bust. The Lions came back late against Cheap Jerseys free shipping the Saints on Sunday and have won two straight games without WR Calvin Johnson as he allows a high ankle sprain to heal. Johnson is to be with the team in London for this weekend’s game against the Falcons. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll play Cheap Jerseys free shipping.