The feasibility study gets completed Indians fans were quite happy when the team pulled out to a 3 1 series leadas the Cubs just seemedout of sorts. But the roles soon reversed. The Cubs got hot and the Indians couldn’t recover, despite a thrilling Game 7 that took 11 innings before the Cubs finally after more than a century were the last team standing..

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canada goose uk outlet Administration is recommending that the city try to recover between 40 and 45 per cent of the transit system’s operating costs, according to a report going to city council’s urban planning committee ThursdayThe report suggests ways the fare policy could be adjusted to help meet that cost recovery goal and one proposal is to significantly reduce the discount seniors get on passes.Presently, the cost of a monthly senior pass in Edmonton is $15.50, which is 15 per cent of the adult base price of $97.If the changes are approved, seniors would pay 65 per cent of the adult base price, $67 per month at the current fare rate. The report says this increase will help avoid a major price jump on the base fare.Article content continuedThe adjustment would bring Edmonton in line with discounts offered to seniors in other Canadian cities: presently Edmonton seniors can get a pass for 15 per cent of the adult base price. Hamilton offers the next largest discount at 28 per cent of its adult price, while Toronto charges seniors 80 per cent of the base price.The report also recommends eliminating the student pass for students whose schools don’t participate in the U Pass program, setting a discount for riders between the ages of 13 to 24 also at 65 per cent of the base price canada goose uk outlet.