The league could schedule three games for Saturday

What is yet to be formalized: which networks will carry the extra games and when they will be played. The league could schedule three games for Saturday and three for Sunday on that opening playoff weekend. Or one of the games could be played on Monday night, although that might create a competitive disadvantage for that winner the following weekend..

Other friends and business associates also come by to visit, as do his brother, sister, brother in law and mother. “The support from my relatives, friends, former teammates, doctors and nurses has been unbelievable to me,”Smithsaid. He said he has heard fromRedskinsowner Jack Kent Cooke, former teammate Mitchell and from the team.

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He normally would not be mentioned as a fringe starter, but without Andrew Luck, he’s in new territory as the Indianapolis offense is anemic in its current state. But like Benjamin, Hilton has a Week 3 home matchup that can’t be ignored against the Cleveland Browns. Hiltonand the Colts are feeling the heat and the wideout is adamant the team is going to win this weekend..

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