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Many iPhone users want to backup their contacts to computer. So they can easily find their contacts on computer when they are away from their iPhone. However, if you sync iPhone contacts with iTunes, it only makes a backup file for you. Set WeatherRemember the everlasting winter? It a distant memory now as the Lehigh Valleyis in the midst of what is projected to bealmost a week straight of 90 degree temperatures.Highs of at least 90 started Friday and areexpected to last at least through Thursday, according toNational Weather Serviceforecasts as of Sunday evening.It’s an unusually long stretch of temperatures that high, but not the first time we’ve topped 90 in the Lehigh Valley this year. Still, it got us wondering how hot it can get here.If decades of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration records are any indication, we can expect quite a few more 90 degree days this year.How many 90 degree days can we expect?NOAA records going back to 1939 the first available year with complete data for the Lehigh Valley show that there are, on average, 17 days a year with highs that meet or exceed 90 degrees.Exactly how many can vary widely depending on conditions year to year. As the chart above shows, there has been as many as 41 days at or above 90 degrees (1966) and as few as one (1960).An average July will see seven days top 90.

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