We now need to move into larger scale real world

When my parents asked me what they needed to do to repair our relationship after I first decided to end contact with them, I told them they would first have to apologize to my husband about whom they had disrespected and made false claims about to others in the family. This immediately turned into a diatribe against me of how he had done them wrong. When I asked for specifics, they could only “hint” at what they were, being vague and evasive when I pressed the issues.

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The Meyers started their first company, based on their Glyph sound system, in 1969. Their main client was San Rafael club Pepperland, which is memorialized in posters inside the current building. The sound systems John was developing were getting lots of attention from Bay Area pros, and once the company ran out of steam John was hired to go to Switzerland to create a sound lab called Institute for Advanced Musical Studies.

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