The second scoring drive went 57 yards in just five

Millions of girls and women have been cut in countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Reasons differ. Many believe it keeps women clean and protects their chastity by controlling sexual desire. The bacteria that is tested for, enterococci, are normally found in humans’ gastrointestinal tracts.Researchers are still working to determine whether the blue green algae contains toxins that could be extremely harmful to humans. Photo: Karleen Minney”[Blue green algae] be harmful to dogs in particular so one of the messages is to keep your pets away from the water don’t let your dogs go in it. Native wildlife are often adapted to it, so birds [and the like],” Mr Kendall said.Bacteria in the water could be because of sewage overflows or bacteria in stormwater drains.The persistently high blue green algae levels in Lake Tuggeranong could also lead to a lack of oxygen in the water, resulting in fish kills.

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