Brain injury rehabilitation facilities shows that

There are important historical markers, according to people who have tracked the movement of support in macho culture. In 2007, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, a Republican and former police chief, gained national attention after he declared his support for same sex marriage at a teary news conference in which he discussed his gay daughter and staffers. In 2011, NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin appeared shirtless on the cover of Out magazine addressing his passion for LGBT equality and his kinship with his late brother, Vaughn, who was gay.

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“Think of how many people created home offices out of a room they had used for storage,” says Michael Frohm, chief operating officer for Goodwill of Greater Washington, which saw donations rise by 20percent over last year and rented three temporary warehouses to store them. “They didn’t want all that stuff in back of them during a Zoom call. They were forced to clear it out.”.

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