Upon being traded to the Washington Capitals nearly

Yuletide Ritual and DramaTerry Gunnell in his work titled “The origins of Drama in Scandinavia” discusses the following passage in Haraldskvaedi at length. “He wants to drink Jol (Yule) outside if he can decide alone, the fame seeking ruler and to perform Frey’s leikr, the young man was tired of the fireside and sitting indoors in the warm women’s room or on down filled cushions.” Within the text, Gunnell advocates the notion that leikr may include activities such as dramatic or ritualized performance, thus the passage would seem to indicate that some ritual or performance of Frey’s was associated with Yule. Gunnell subsequently points to the subject matter of Freyr’s marriage in Skirnismal as potentially being the subject matter of this performance, a custom which may be evidenced by the winter setting of the cultic procession of Freyr’s statue in the tale of Gunnar Helming..

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Carl Hagelin has been through this enough times to know that some things can’t be forced. Upon being traded to the Washington Capitals nearly two weeks ago, the forward had the benefit of familiarity and “a mutual respect” with his new teammates from years of playing against them, so it took just four games for him to have his own part in the pregame routine. He and Tom Wilson were singing along to “one of those saxophone techno tunes,” Hagelin said, when voil, air playing the saxophone became their thing.

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