The linebackers overpursued to that side

The seeds of that optimism were planted in 1991 when Bowie State University went searching for a community in which to try out a violence prevention plan developed by one of its faculty members. The program consists of a wide range of lessons and workshops in schools, churches and other institutions to help young people adopt socially acceptable ways to resolve disputes and get along with adults. With a $500,000 grant from the Kellogg Foundation, the university sponsored a series of forums in Prince George’s..

Disappointing thing is how guys were strung along, Collaros said. Lot of younger guys who haven made a good salary for a long time and have families and have mouths to feed. You can definitely feel the frustration, talking to teammates, talking to old teammates.

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The second one: Two plays later, with Griffin under center in a one back set, Morris took the handoff and ran hard inside to the right. The linebackers overpursued to that side, and when Morris cut back through a wider gap than usual, three blockers needed to win one on one battles. They did.

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