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Enter a group of unlikely players more than ready to put their skills to use 11 part and full time high school sports reporters who, as the coronavirus forced schools to shut down, saw their beats go into hibernation overnight.”I was like, You know what, I want to be on the team right now, on the front lines and doing everything I can to be a part of something,” says Lanni.The transition from sports to news was easier than some imagined.”I told them, ‘You already know how to ask questions,'” says Turpin. “‘You already know how to ask the wrestling coach about what worked and what didn You already know how to ask someone who just lost a match how they feeling.’ These are universal questions and they can be asked in a way that is compassionate and informative and then written in a way that helps people get the information they need. So when I got sent to the Community News and Resource desk, I was like, ‘This is actually perfect because I want to tell the stories of these communities.'”I certainly seen how people are coming together and how people are really picking each other up.

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