We know you don’t like comparisons

“They are the best people I have seen in my life. They lost their only son in Pakistan nevertheless they haven’t lost faith in humanity. Instead of becoming vindictive, they set up a fellowship programme for bringing journalists from Pakistan (and other Muslim countries),” Umar Cheema, a former Daniel Pearl fellow, tweeted on May 2..

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But even here, underwater in this free world, we’ve only been able to exchange angry bubbles that don’t even dissipate; they hang in the water between us, building an oxygenated wall that grows between us. As I emerge from the dream, her face is stretched and warped as I peer through the bubbles at her screaming face. In another, I’m back in Paris, on the trip I took last December with my mom, and as she walks toward me down an empty Parisian alley with white Christmas lights strewn above our heads, her face unseams straight down the middle and stars erupt like 4th of July sparklers from the opening.

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The timing also suggests a larger sinister plan of the China Pak Nelpal combine. While the immediate trigger could be the inauguration of a road connecting Lipulekh pass with Dharchula in Uttrakhand, the occurrence of recent clashes between the Indian and the Chinese soldiers in eastern Ladakh near Pangong Lake on 5 May and in north Sikkim on 8 May and increased Pak activities on LoC suggest a well chalked out plan. The Pak China axis wants to keep PoK and Gilgit Baltistan area under their firm control.

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