Changing one’s prejudiced ways: Awareness

Stressed. Husband is the optho resident (eye doctor) on call for many of the KC hospitals tonight and would like to reinforce this! another added.Philadelphia police chimed in too, remembering how their city was overrun by delirious football fans when the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018.So many fans were climbing up streetpoles officers were forced to apply grease to all of them in an attempt to prevent accidents. We did pretty well, KC, they wrote.City celebrated big for last night Super Bowl victory, and Kansas City Missouri Police were there to ensure everyone could do so safely, it read.Power and Light District had the biggest turn out with an estimated 20,000 people in attendance there.

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Hall, James Roy age 88 of Lakeville, Minnesota died on July 30th of 2020 at his Lakeville home from a rare respiratory disease. He is sur vived by his beloved wife of 62 years, Norma Hall and their four sons, Daniel (Kimberly), Timothy, Thomas (Paula) and Douglas (Sheila) along with eight grandchildren, seven great grandchildren and step sister, Carol Hoyhta. “Jim” was a graduate of William Mitchell Law School and Saint Cloud State University.

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