However, in a different post, he shared a specific

How caregivers view Alzheimer’s treatment was at the heart of the University of Pennsylvania Health System study. The researchers wanted to measure caregivers’ preferences for the risks and benefits of a hypothetical Alzheimer’s slowing drug. They believe that by knowing caregivers’ goals for dealing with the disease, they can develop drugs to meet those objectives..

Set WeatherJoined by a slate of guests including George Floyd’s brother, Terrence Floyd, and Eric Garner’s mother, Gwendolyn Carr, New Jersey’s fourth largest city painted and dedicated a Black Lives Matter mural across the street from its City Hall.Community groups in Elizabeth received permission from the city to paint the words, Black Lives Matter, on Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza in bold letters, emblematic of a national movement which gained exponential traction in the wake of Floyd’s death at the hands of police in Minnesota in May. The activists worked with city and local police officials to put on the event, which was attended by the police director and other officers who interacted with the crowd.”We have to come out and we must protest,” Carr said to the crowd.

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