Aguirre ran the ball 18 times for 231 yards and four

I would definitely avoid the dam on a Monday afternoon. The problem is that it’s full of tourists which can bring traffic to a crawl. It doesn’t matter which way you’re going. I like the way we are trending. We keep working at it. 54, LIMA CENTRAL CATHOLIC 40.

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A quick bit of history: It’s the middle of the Civil War. Union soldiers are sitting around a campfire, goofing off, singing songs and they’re ribbing on this one guy. “One of the members of the singing group is a Scottish immigrant named John Brown,” Harvard professor John Stauffer says..

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As the years went by, the game adapted and changed. Uniforms went from leather in helmet to synthetic materials and plastics and metals. A listing of rules was put in place to keep players safer and to make the game move faster and more exciting. By the time Marchetti was carried off the field and the ball was marked, the Giants found themselves short of the first down. The stage was set for quarterback Johnny Unitas’ two minute drill. Unitas would take the Colts down the field, into the first overtime in pro football history and on to the franchise’s first championship.

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