Do not use innocent lives lost as an excuse to loot

Belichick would have to be convinced that Tagovailoa, whose injury history could cause him to drop, could be the Patriots’ quarterback of the future. Most scouts and coaches don’t expect a lot of quarterbacks to be taken in this draft because of what will probably be a shortened offseason and training camp because of the coronavirus crisis, so going with existing QBs Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer rather than a rookie who would be new to the pros and New England’s offense would be a fine option for one year. Belichick might decide it’s better to do that and try to draft a quarterback next year..

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The most clear and direct threat to the Nationals is the Cubs. It seems unlikely Chicago will catch the Cardinals for the NL Central title St. Louis owned a 4 game lead entering Monday but it’s possible. “Coaches at all levels try to put a bug in the officials’ ears to watch the other team commit fouls,” Mark Schultz, a high school football official and journalist, wrote for Football Zebras in 2013. “The officials act with courtesy to these requests and then go out and officiate their regular game. If the officials detect a foul, they’ll drop their flag not to make a coach happy, but because the foul is actually there.”.

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