This is interesting because just a few months ago

In this case, we decided to give one away to some neighbors who often share their food with us. It is a friendly way to stay in touch during the pandemic since it is not currently safe to dine in each other’s homes as we used to do.Easy Substitutions and SuggestionsWith all homemade recipes such as this, it is easy to make substitutions depending upon what you might have on hand or prefer eating. Below are some that come to mind.Instead of the fettuccini, use spaghetti or another type of pasta.In place of the cooked turkey, use roasted chicken.Instead of the red or yellow bell peppers, use green ones and add some canned pimento for color and flavor.Switch out the cheese I used for others of your choosing.You could even make homemade cream sauces instead of using canned ones.For some added zest, you might wish to add some crushed red pepper flakes.Make this recipe your own, and most of all, enjoy it!15 hours ago from Houston, TexasHi Mary,I’m happy to know that you like the sound of this turkey tetrazzini recipe.

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