“Last time I faced them a lot of guys were leaning on

So often, though, this provides an avenue for microaggressions to become even more apparent rather than mitigating their occurrence. While it doesn’t bother me to be referred to as they, he or she, when I inform a professor at the beginning of class that my pronouns are they/them and later, that professor can remember my name and major but refers to me as “she,” that bothers me more than if I had just not told the professor in the first place. One is an act of ignorance, the other, no matter how accidental, always feels as though it may have been deliberate.

“Tom and I will always have a great relationship built on love, admiration, respect and appreciation,” Belichick said. “Tom’s success as a player and his character as a person are exceptional. Nothing about the end of Tom’s Patriots career changes how unfathomably spectacular it was.

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