And there should also be a warning

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cheap nba jerseys Very true, Robert. As a teenager, I was such a worrier. I wish I knew then what I know now. Landon and DeRosa could not be reached for comment.In August 2019, Melsky filed a “lengthy and comprehensive grievance” detailing “improper, unsafe, and illegal conduct” within the Clinton Township police force, according to the lawsuit. During this period of time, he served as the officer in charge, which is the highest ranking title in the department.In detailing this conduct, the lawsuit draws upon the “malice” and “wanton disregard” with which Melsky was treated while in the police department and by the township. Multiple examples of Melsky’s worsening relationship with both Landon and DeRosa are cited, specifically alleging that they undermined him in issues related to township legislation, hiring others, department responsibilities and police procedures.According to the lawsuit, Landon informed Lansky in July 2019 that he would be removed as the officer in charge by January 2020 because the position is a one year assignment, though by that point Melsky would have been serving in the role for two years.The lawsuit states that same month, Landon notified Lansky that he would become the school resource officer of North Hunterdon High School. cheap nba jerseys

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