He’s had three great seasons and that won’t change

Will that solve the problem of the “ownership” attitude? Not necessarily. As Lebowitz observes, perhaps “We will have equality when dopey black people get into Harvard because their chair endowing grandfathers went there… Other parents see athletics as a way for hard of hearing youth to experience an equal playing field. “Sports are sometimes a great place to show everyone that deaf people can compete and play like everyone else,” wrote Kevin Kovacs, athletic director at the California School for the Deaf and a former Gallaudet basketball player, in an e mail. “Without sports, a lot of people would have a huge misunderstanding about who deaf people are and what they can or can’t do.”.

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“This is my 11th training camp. I remember when [ex Packers linebacker] Brady Poppinga started that fight during a night practice that was crazy. You had coaches and coaches in each other’s faces and players going after each other,” Rodgers recalled.

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