We rounded up a few ways to help below:

C’est un week end important pour nos potes La Pearl (Julia Fry) et son coach Al (Peter Mullan). La jeune femme participe en effet une comptition de bodybuilding et la concurrence s’annonce froce. La pression, elle le ressent constamment car Al est toujours sur son dos mais un vnement va venir perturber sa participation au concours.

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NFL players drive $14 billion in revenue, more than any sports league by several billion. Yet they have the worst contracts and financial participation and the fewest guarantees of any athletes. All NFLers, regardless of their pay grade or position, should ask a fundamental question: Why are their salaries capped but Roger Goodell’s isn’t?.

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Eric Ebron: Ebron took a lot of crap during his Detroit tenure, primarily for being drafted in real life just ahead of Odell Beckham Jr. And Aaron Donald. It’s true that he was never a star, but he wasn’t as bad as the reputation made him out to be.

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In Minneapolis, where Floyd died on Monday after he was pinned to the ground by police officer Derek Chauvin, more than 4,000 National Guard soldiers were called in to try to restore order during a fifth day of unrest. Cities flooding social media have people feeling helpless, but there are many ways you can fight against police violence, help the cause of racial justice, and support the broader Black Lives Matter movement. We rounded up a few ways to help below:.

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