As the song is almost all vocal harmonies

It gets me right back on track. White Sox were flustered by Plesac. The right hander broke a couple bats, made Tim Anderson smash his in frustration near the plate and befuddled Chicago hitters. Set WeatherWhile fans feverishly await news on the next Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band album, which has been promised to be in the works for well over a year, here’s a little taste of The Boss making new music elsewhere.Springsteen is a featured vocalist on a new single from indie rock stalwart Bon Iver, which released its jangly track called “AUATC (Ate Up All Their Cake)” Wednesday. As the song is almost all vocal harmonies, it’s difficult at first to distinguish Springsteen from Bon Iver singer Justin Vernon and fellow featured vocalist Jenny Lewis.But a keen ear will spot Springsteen’s textured voice singing along in the chorus “Lay down, Martha / Lay all that alabaster down.”Commenting on the song’s meaning, Bon Iver wrote on social media Wednesday: “We’re calling attention to the fight against capitalism and our collective participation in its institutions. Bon Iver acknowledges our position [within] and use of capitalistic practices.

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