Anurag Thakur, Sachin Pilot and Dhoni are shining

Little to no thought goes into seeing things the way that our ex sees them. This is the problem. If you really want your ex to talk to you again and build a positive friendship or new relationship out of the rubble of your break up, you need to walk in their shoes for a while.

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Our buttock muscles and abdominal muscles act in tandem to stabilize the critical lower part of the spine. The buttock muscles from behind and the abs from the front. Now you can probably understand the big deal about all those extreme exercise videos for butt and ab muscles.

This also illuminates a related crucial need, to develop bottom up democratic processes, like the citizen’s assemblies I wrote about earlier this year, which can help overcome that paralysis. Doing this could help us avoid the worst ecological disaster and the lengthy period of disintegration that has followed waves of global or continental integration in the past. In the expansion phase, the state and elites together maintain order and stability, facilitating sustained mass population growth, until that outstrips productivity growth.

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