For 50 years and more, the famed ’45s were consumed

The severe problem of gun violence in the region concerned him deeply. That is why, over time, he became increasingly uncomfortable with the name of his beloved basketball team. He recognized full well that changing the name of his team was not about to end gun violence anywhere.

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Kraft said he knew the team’s owner, Billy Sullivan, was struggling financially and would soon need to let go of the team. Kraft held on to the lots when Sullivan sold the team to Victor Kiam in 1988 because Sullivan did not include the stadium in the deal. Later, he paid $25 million for the stadium in bankruptcy court, outbidding Kiam by $5 million.

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I speak with her and we work together and I have every confidence in her. There’s nothing about not campaigning together, it’s about being able to cover more territory.”On Sunday, Harris is scheduled to be a guest on CNN’s “State of the Union,” her first solo appearance on such a show since becoming the vice presidential nominee. It’s the role of the vice presidential nominee to boost the presidential candidate’s agenda, as Harris has done, and reach out to constituencies that may not be as natural for the nominee, said Karen Finney, a Democratic strategist who ran communications for Sen.

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