He comes from a long line of New England fishermen

Created in 1979, the Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice was the earliest Canadian journal devoted to the trans cultural and international study of individuals and groups excluded from the protections of the domestic or international legal orders. The Yearbook is independently refereed, publishes French and English essays and book reviews, is faculty run and is supported by a distinguished Advisory Board. The Yearbook encourages a wide diversity of essays from a broad range of disciplines, such as anthropology, sociology, philosophy, psychology, history and comparative literature as well as law..

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Perhaps the biggest of many issues Sunday night for the Bengals was failing to stop a Patriots’ running game that generated 220 rushing yards. Now it’s the Bengals’ turn to try to generate a bounce back performance after being the final NFL team to suffer a loss this season. Beating the Panthers at home this weekend becomes important given that the following two games are against the Colts and Ravens..

Dr. Lowe grew up on Martha’s Vineyard, where he spent a majority of his youth fishing and diving the waters around Cape Cod. He comes from a long line of New England fishermen and whalers and believes a career focused on the ocean environment was inevitable..

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