Social Service

Social Work Ministry

  • The goal of our social development and social transformation is to contribute towards the integral growth of the human person as individuals and as communities. Sisters try their level best to help the poor get their basic rights such as food, clothing, shelter and education and thus help them to live with freedom and self respect. Social service is being rendered in such a way that people do not lose sight of their ultimate end according to God’s plan. Forming Self-Help Groups of women enables them to live with proper self-esteem.

1). Amala Anbukarankal – Salem:

Amala Anbu Karangal was started in the year 1999 at Gundukallur, Salem to work mainly for the well being of the street children and other vulnerable backgrounds.We provide an environment where street children evolve as physically and emotionally healthy. We provide Education, Vocational training, Healthcare and Counselling. The Children admitted in our home are through Child-line, Volunteers, NGO’s, Social activists and Police department. At present, there are totally forty six Girls residing at Amala Anbukkaram from the age of 7 to 28.

2). Rameshwaram Old age Home:

Amala Annai Home for Aged People, Sudukattanpatti, Rameswaram
Caring for the elderly is a “blessing path” in which the whole community should participate.
We, the sisters of Immaculate Conception, Sivagangai Province, started home for aged namely “Amala Annai Home” for the aged on 20.04.1994 at Sudukattanpatti in Rameswaram which is considered to be one of the holiest places in India. Most of the elderly people who are deprived of their family, rush towards this coastal area with an intention of getting drowned in the Sea water. When they come to know of our Home, they come and lead their life peacefully. Our housing for seniors can accommodate those who desire independent living as well as those who require more care.At present, 24 elderly people are being benefitted.


Community Health Integrated Reach out  Programme (CHIRPE) was started on 01.12.1994 by CIC Sisters at Puliyal. This programme acts as a guiding beacon for women’s lives in this area.
CHIRPE has 76 Self Help Groups in that 1164 female members are integrated.
We made arrangement for a loan of Rs.10,200 to each member through Chennai Bridge Foundation for cattle to be purchased. We started Self Help Group for men newly at Kadukkaloor in 2008-2009.
We provide training about Goat and Poultry farming and through this we help them to multiply their income and guide them to see economic progress.