Social Work Ministry


Working for the treatment of human persons as ends and ensuring their dignity and respect in all spheres of life.


Identifying the social, political, and economical oppression in the society and standing with the victims of such oppression.
Educating the victims about their rights.
Empowering them with the necessary skills to combat oppression.
Organizing them and rehabilitating them.

Aims & Objectives

The target people of this ministry are the marginalized like dalits, the tribal, the prisoners, the aged, the refugees, the abandoned, the orphaned, and the afflicted.
To empower the children,  the youth, and the women through conscientization, education, counseling, and accommodation.
To visit the refugees, the aged homes, the prisons, the prisoners’ homes, and the sick.
To admit the needy into our homes for children, women, and elders.