Now, they kind of understand, this may affect him

Take training courses when they are available. Buy courses offered by experts. You’ll save a tremendous amount of trial and error by learning from people who have been there before.. He can throw the ball deeper down the field. You’d have to say you’re pleasantly surprised so far. I don’t think he’s a fraud.

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Sully, a registered Republican, tweeted the comments in response to reports that Trump referred to fallen soldiers as “suckers” and “losers,” and that the president did not understand why people chose to serve in the armed forces. Postal Service police barred Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz from entering two mail sorting facilities in Florida in the early morning hours on Friday, threatening to escort her from the property if she didn leave. The Florida Democrat, who sits on the House Oversight Committee, said she aimed to inspect a mail plant in Opa locka and Northwest Miami Dade.

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The Virginia men’s basketball team, last year’s national champion, did not go to the White House, with Coach Tony Bennett citing logistics. No NBA champion has visited the White House since the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016, when Barack Obama’s second term was winding down. The Warriors, champions in 2017 and 2018, and Trump have long had a contentious relationship, with Trump famously after Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and others said they would not accept if offered.

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