Education is life – Guard it well

The goal of our Educational ministry is to help the children and young women studying in our schools, To acquire up-to-date knowledge and good character, So as to reach full maturity and be responsible persons in the future society.


  1. St. Sebastian Higher Sec. School, Kuthalore

This school is located at Kuthalore, about 7 kilometers away from Karaikudi. Most of the people are farmers. The village was not developed in several other ways before Rev. Fr. Queen S. J. asked the Amalavi sisters to do gospel works. In 1940 a house was built for the sisters by him. Then the sisters stepped foot in Middle school, belonging to the Sivagangai Diocese. As the people did not get frequent monsoon they had to migrate to the towns. The result was a very small present-age of population belonging to Christians. Some elders were a large hearted people. They showed excessive solicitude to us. Because of their repeated requisition, we had to start a High School for their children. The school was built in 1998. The magnanimous people made a contribution in the form of 2.11 acre land for a newly started school. A hostel is constructed for the children to be better in their education.

2. Amala Annai High School, Karankadu 

Ramnad is located 8 kms away from Thondi. Karangadu is a place bordering on vast expanse of sea water and on the lap of the sea shore. Actually the people of here are not abundance of wealth, education, large supply of goods, thoughts and words. Their main work is fishing. Most of them are fishermen. At the outset, typically saying in 1800 a choultry was built. The sisters of Amala stayed there and worked in the primary school, belonging to Sivagangai Diocese. The sisters had taken up projects and instituted programmes covering a wide field of social service and involving the active participation of its village children. By dint of huge effort made by the Parish Priest and the Amalavi sisters the middle school was made into a High School. Periodically occurring cyclone and hurricane the people were affected and suffered a lot. We, the Amala sisters went to their aid particularly in the years 1964, 1967, 1974, 1995, 2006. Our help is unforgettable and is impressed deeply by them in memory of our service. By giving them a timely help and support day and night. We only helped a lame dog over a stile. The people will never forget this while they are above the ground. The school will be their crowning glory.

3) Sahaya Rani Higher Secondary School SoosaiyapparPattinam

This school is located at SoosaiyapparPattinam, about 2 kilometres away from Kalaiyarkoil. A Very large percentage of population is Christians. Agriculture is their main solace, relief and comfort. Till 1920 there were no schools in and around the town. Later in 1926 a primary school was opened. As there were no good schools, the young girls of the village had to go to the towns such as Madurai, Tirunelveli and Dindigul inorder to get good education. Some poverty stricken girls had to study upto VIII and after that they had to discontinue their studies. No one backed them up. To monitor women’s education some parish priests inspired the Amalavi sisters to open a High School in the interest of the girls. The local people made a contribution in the form of 2land, along with it we purchased 2. 12 acre land. In 1969 a High School was opened by the Amalavi sisters and in the year 1979, it was made into a Higher Sec. School. The students stood first in the public exams, leading to the SSLC and Higher Secondary Examinations. The benefactorof German
Polo family, gave us a charitable gift. With that a hostel was constructed mainly for the poor and needy.

4) LoruduAnnai Higher Secondary School , K. Pudu

Pudur is located on the way to Alagarkoil, North side. Hundred years before K. Pudur was a small town with an average population. Some lived in huts. The circumstances led Amalavi sisters opened the first two classes for the welfare of the poor children. The school was opened in 1933. As the sisters used to go to school on foot, Rev. Fr. Gabriel comas sj helped them to build a home. A new house was built for the sisters in 1937. Classes were conducted in Tamil from standard VI to VIII.

LourduAnnaischool was opened in 1976. In time it became Middle School and in 1995, it was upgraded intoa Higher Secondary School. The medium of instruction is Tamil and students sit for the SSLC and Plus 2 examinations. One of the girls stood first in the SSLC public examination on the top of all the difficulties. With the great success in SSLC examination we now feel on the top of the city. Though the staff do not get Govt. Salary they work hard and give confidence and hope to the students in their studies. The students also study with real interests and profit a lot.

5) St. John’s Higher  Sec. School, Devakottai 

Devakottai abounds in textile business people. It is in theSivagangai Diocese, East side. This school is located on the way to Oriyur, “Velimuthivilakku”. First a High school was opened on the 9th of June 1990 and on the 10th of July 1998; it was made into a Higher Secondary School. Particularly Tallit students are well educated. Owing to not getting buses facilities, a new hostel was constructed for the students. The various activities of the students are the manifestation of their progress.

6) Don BoscoMatric Higher. Sec. School, Paramakudi

The school is located on the High way to Rameswaram, in Ramanathapuram Dist. This school is mainly for the people who weave. This area abounds in weavers. They are middle class people. For the welfare of their children a nursery school was started here on the 2nd of July 1971 respectively by the Amalavai sisters. As the school held in good reputation students are keen on getting admission here. On the 19th of April, 1966  it was upgraded to Matric Higher. Sec. School.

7) Louis Levail Matric Higher. Sec. School,Ramnad

This school is situated in Ramnad. Middle class people are living here. On the 2ndof June 1982 Amali Nursery school was opened. As the school held in good reputation students are keen on getting admission. This school grew to the praise of teachers and parents even at present. For their education, the teachers and parents play themain role. Then it was upgraded into a Matric Higher Secondary School on 29th of November 2002.

8) AmalaAnnai Mat. Higher. Sec. School, ponnamaravathi

As you know the place Ponnamaravathi was ruled by the ruler of the King PonnanAmaran, a beneficent. It is located in Pudukottai.

The Bishop of Tanjore called Amalavai sister to do some social work. Then the sisters put their feet there and started working. They set their feet on the 7th of June 1985. In the beginning two sisters began their service by staying in Thirupathur. Then a house was built for them, near the school. This service helped in providing education by opening a Nursery School with the motto of Jesus “You are the Light of the world”. First this school was under Parish Priest after that the school was handed over toAmalavi Sisters on the 4th of June 1992. They took charge  from the Parish Priest in 1992.

In time it became a High School on the 11th of January 1995, it was then upgraded to a Matric School. New buildings are being built by the support of the Tanjore Bishop. PonamaravathiThiruN.K.R.M.RamasamyChettiar, the society of Map, France.  By seeing the objective of the school is to turn out young girls with a keen sense of discipline, intiative and loyality,AnnamalaiChettiar extended his hand to help us in many ways to improve this school. On 20th of September 1999 the school was upgraded into a Matric Higher.Sec.School. In 2010 the school was completely taken inchargeby the Amalavi Sisters.

9) Holy Angel Mat.School, R.S.Mangalam 

A Nursery School was started on 29th of September 1985. R.S.Mangalam has the best 48 big expanse ofwater still. These ponds are widely known, pertaining to the people, meant for the farmers. The school here is considered favourably for Muslim and Tallit people. They are being educated here. We magnetize the poor to our school by our initiative,self-reliance and loyalty. In 2002, we raised it into a big Matric School.

10) ArockiaAnnaiMat.School, PudurUthamanur 

This English Medium was started by the Amalavi Sisters on the 2nd of July 1993 with the motto of “Love and Service”. PudurUthamanur is located in Trichy District. The place abounds in poor farmers, Tallit people and coolies.  This charming little school was started by the Bishop of Madurai Diocese Rev.Fr.ArockiaSamy. It conducts classes from Nursery having English as the medium of instruction. On 1st June 2004, it was upgraded to a Matric School.