Religious vocation is a sign of hope rooted in faith” says Pope Francis. The mission of religious vocation is interrelated to our consecrated life. We are called to inspire the youngsters with our edifying life. Like Jesus we are called to get united with our Heavenly Father.

Call to the Religious life is the Grace. This gift is given to proclaim the love of God.

In reference to Pope Francis “Our happiness” of religious vocation lies in being  friends and disciples in the Lord. Hence it is our prime duty to promote vocation by our witnessing life.

Our Goal :

  • To awaken the attentiveness of the young girls to God’s call, to follow Him more closely in the religious life.
  • To recruit young girls who feel calls of God to become religious in our congregation.

Objectives :

  • To develop an increasing awareness of self as Christian among the youngsters
  • To promote awareness and understanding of the value of religious life.
  • To make known the congregation, its mission, its charism and its spirit.
  • Help the young girls to discuss their motives.