Our History

Our Founder(s)

Rev. Fr. Augustine Pereira, a Diocesan priest from Tuticorin, and Rev. Fr. Julius Larmey, SJ, and Rev. Fr. Eugene Nespoulous, SJ, the ardent Jesuits of Roman Catholic Madurai Mission are the founders of our Congregation. While Fr. Larmey and Fr. Nespoulous are the French missionaries, Fr. Pereira is the son of our soil, born in Tuticorin in 1854. Leaving behind his father’s business Fr. Pereira joined Rev. Fr. Julius Larmey, SJ, to work as his co-pastor in 1875 at Panjampatty assisting him in pastoral ministry. Being motivated by these dedicated men of God a group 4 women pledged to stay together under their aegis. These 4 foremothers of our Congregation are now honoured as the founding mothers of our Congregation.

Our Identity

The Sisters of the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception, known in common parlance as Madurai Blue Sisters, since the inception of the Congregation reflect the vision of their Founder in living out their charism of “Preaching the Good News to the Poor in Simplicity and Love.” ‘Simplicity’ of life is the rootedness of the Sisters while ‘Love’ is their openness. In simplicity of heart they are rooted in their Lord and Master and in love they offer themselves to their ministries in education, healthcare, social work, pastoral care, and evangelization. In the beautiful blend of simplicity and openness the Good News is preached in word and deed.

Our Spirituality

The fountain of our spirituality is the Immaculate heart of Mary to which the Congregation is fondly dedicated. The Immaculate Heart of Mary reverberate the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She bore the God Incarnate into the world and led him from Nazareth to Cana and from Cana to Calvary. We strive to walk in the footsteps of Mary Immaculate in our own little ways and reflect her involvement in and commitment to God’s salvific plan for the broken humanity. Her spouse and the foster father of Our Lord, Saint Joseph is our co-patron. His silent surrender and righteous attitude is our inspiration as well. And the Ignatian Spirituality of our Founders also has a key role to play in granting us the practical ways for a professed life.

Our spirituality is strengthened and is made manifest by the following practices:

Daily Morning and Evening Prayer
– Recital of the Office of the Hours
– Meditation – Contemplative
– Holy Mass
– Examen of Conscience at Noon
– Eucharistic Adoration
– Recital of the Holy Rosary and the Litany
– Monthly Recollection
– Sacrament of Reconciliation- Annual Retreat
– Way of the Cross during the Lent
– Spiritual Reading – Readings from the Spiritual Classics
– Daily Reading of the Word of God at Meals
– Fasting on First Saturday of the Month