Bum Phillips begat Wade and Wes

TD run for Conner: The Steelers extended their lead with a nine yard touchdown run by tailback James Conner. They moved 53 yards after the Dolphins turned the ball over on a failed fourth down try, thanks to an instant replay reversal on the spot of the football that angered Miami’s coach, Brian Flores. The Steelers have scored 24 straight points since facing an early two touchdown deficit.

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wholesale jerseys We have seen head coaching brothers recently Jim and John Harbaugh, Jon and Jay Gruden with both sets of siblings from a coaching family. Buddy Ryan begat Rex and Rob. Bum Phillips begat Wade and Wes. The NFL is close to completing an updated coronavirus testing protocol for the regular season, as part of discussions with the players’ union, that could include tests with rapid results to provide players with final clearance to participate in games, the league’s chief medical officer said Friday. “I think that it is very likely that you will see us using some of those rapidly available tests getting closer to game time to make sure that we continue the flow of information,” Allen Sills said during a video conference with Washington Post reporters and editors. Sills did not specify how long before a game the rapid result testing might take place or that it necessarily would occur on game day. wholesale jerseys

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The supreme irony here is that what was most important to Goodell, his image, has been destroyed. What was second most important to him, his power, has been severely undermined. Though he won a technical victory when four judges split on whether he acted properly as an arbitrator, in reality he is a fatally weakened commissioner.

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