While the National Collegiate Athletic Association

A season that saw mass closures of recreation sites due to the COVID 19 pandemic from March to May, followed by an unprecedented number of people flooding outdoors from June to August, has meant nothing about this recreation season has felt normal.Hot temperatures combined with the pandemic’s lingering impact means Oregonians will be headed to the forest, mountains and beach in droves, but finding a campsite or a good hike could be a big challenge.Here are 7 critical things to know before loading up the car for summer’s final hurrah.1: Options for camping in OregonThe vast majority of public campgrounds that can be reserved across Western Oregon have already been snapped up. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management.If you haven’t booked yours yet and have your heart set on spending the holiday weekend outdoors, here are four options:Check reservations websites. There’s a lot of them, so check often.

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