Offensive coordinator Greg Roman abandoned the run

New England Patriots defensive lineman Michael Barnett (76) warms up during an NFL football training camp practice, Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2020, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Steven Senne, Pool)APNew England cut defensive back Michael Jackson and defensive lineman Michael Barnett.

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Cleveland’s backup tight end caught all three of his targets for 82 yards and a touchdown in Week 4 against the Baltimore Ravens and has produced a perfect 158.3 passer rating when targeted by quarterback Baker Mayfield. Going back to last season, Mayfield has completed 75 of 112 passes for 939 yards and 11 touchdowns against three interceptions to his tight ends for a combined passer rating of 114.4. Mayfield’s passer rating to wideouts over that span is just 81.9.

He only had 57 yards passing and 3 interceptions going into their final drive, during which he passed for 67 yards against a soft defense that was just trying to prevent a big play. Santonio Holmes was the Jets captain but now he’s being accused by teammates on giving up in yesterday’s game, a cardinal sin in the football world. The team lost so much faith in Holmes that he was benched in a close game on the Jets’ final offensive drive.

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The offensive line has been addressed in past years but still needs more. And it needs it quickly before Mariota gets too banged up. There is no true threat at running back. The concerns with high school or one and done players entering the NBA are three fold. The first problem is: are high school or college freshman physically and emotionally ready for the NBA? The players and even the league might answer yes to this question, but most high school entries sit on the bench for two or three years before developing as a player. Their learning curve is usually the same whether they were in the NBA or college, and it is logical to create an environment where they can play while they develop for example, a college team.