We’ve been in Jersey seven, eight years and loved it

My own first experience of civil disobedience came in February 2013, when along with McKibben and 46 others, I was arrested in front of the White House in an action that included scientists, people of faith, civil rights icon Julian Bond, and the head of the Sierra Club, which had never before endorsed civil disobedience. A month later, CREDO asked people to pledge to commit civil disobedience if President Obama approved Keystone XL. Nearly 100,000 people signed the pledge..

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Needed, and some fingers are better suited for small screen sizes than others. Those devices wont work with an ordinary stylus tip they need an tip that simulates a finger. That is where a capacitive stylus comes in. Conyers has had a remarkably long Congressional career. And a distinguished one, having chaired the Judiciary Committee and served as the dean of the House an honor given to the member who has been in office the longest. But, there is zero debate that the circumstances surrounding his resignation will be a part of his political legacy.

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