A decision late in the season could backfire

Brady himself will have to weigh carefully whether it’s worth it to go to court. A decision late in the season could backfire, if whatever suspension Goodell ends up imposing is upheld and Brady missed late season games. Or he can play a delay game, seeking to keep the matter in litigation until after the season..

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The Ice Bowl rides again: Because the Vikings’ swanky new boat like stadium isn’t finished, this baby is going to be played outdoors at TCF Bank Stadium, where the Star Tribune weather blogger Paul Douglas predicts lows that will rival the storied Ice Bowl of 1967 between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. Douglas writesthat “the risk of frostbite hypothermia will be high. I expect game time temperatures of 5F, a wind chill of 30 to 35F.

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But Blandino’s successor, current NFL officiating czar Al Riveron, didn’t agree, as the on field call of a touchdown was upheld on the ensuing instant replay https://www.the23legend.com review. Another NFL officiating controversy might have cheap jerseys been in the works if the Texans had been able to mount a comeback. But it simply was not to be, as the Houston offense could do nothing else..

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