One of the earliest points of contention came on

The Rams are a team with 10players who have salary cap charges of at least $8 million. They have Aaron Donald, the best defensive player in the league. And they have last year’s offensive player of the year in Gurley. Pryor posted on Instagram on Wednesday that he was the subject of racial slurs shouted by Chiefs fans, including after the game when cellphone video captured Pryor making an obscene gesture to Chiefs fans as he entered the tunnel. The video, obtained by TMZ Sports, shows Pryor being restrained while walking through the tunnel following the Redskins’ 29 20 loss to the Chiefs. It shows Pryor making the gesture to fans in the section near the tunnel and yelling profanities.

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cheap jerseys Blackhorse wasn’t the first to wage a campaign against the name. One of the earliest points of contention came on March 29, 1972, when a delegation of Native American leaders met with then Redskins president Edward Bennett Williams, lobbying him to change the name. Though he didn’t do so, the team scrapped “Scalp ’em” from its fight song, replacing it with “Beat ’em.” The team also got rid of the cheerleaders’ black braided wigs cheap jerseys.