So it just comes down to the players they have on

This was, it turned out, a little ambitious. Before the plans and a potential funding structure could even be put together, LeBlanc and partners have tossed the idea of a 24,000 seat stadium which is about what the CFL requires and now have their eyes on a modest 12,000 seat venture, which would be part of the development of the old Shannon Park military site in Dartmouth. This structure would be a “community use” facility, for local sports teams and the like, which might make local politicians more eager to supplement the $120 million estimated building cost.

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Two plays before Hollister came up short on Russell Wilson’s last throw, Seattle took a delay of game penalty on second and goal from the 1. It was an awful mistake at the worst possible time. With a chance to win the game, the Seahawks were slow and indecisive and lost four yards on a night that came down to those two, maybe three inches.

Elliott returns to a team that lost the first three games of his suspension, but has regrouped to win its last three and remain alive for a wild card berth. The Cowboys will need to win itsfinal two regular season games, Sunday against the Seahawks at home and New Year’s Eve against the Eagles in Philadelphia. Elliott only wanted to address the Seahawks and, when reporters kept up the off the field questions, he called off the interview after about a minute of interaction.

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3. Who is that frail old fart in the wheelchair who pees his depends in unison with the dog peeing on the rug? He looks a lot like Jerrah Jones. One of the ladies on there, who is pretty liberal, PC, and soccer mommish said that it was a stupid comment.

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