Set targets, but try to keep them real

Or you can see it (as the rest of the party does) as a Sanjay Gandhi moment. That was when a dynast surrounded himself with storm troopers (or street fighters if you prefer), took on his mother’s old associates, blamed them for the state of the party and abandoned many of the Congress’s policies. Sanjay did all this with the blessings of his mother who was happy enough to see old friends and associates thrown under the bus.. The two children start to build the tower and all is going well, but then the wind blows and the top half of the tower falls again. Jacob gets emotional and frustrated. He says, “Oh man, not again” as he prepares to throw a wooden block. Many such settlements go through Congress’ obscure Office of Compliance, which has said it’s paid more than $17 million over the last 20 years to resolve claims of sexual harassment, pay disputes and other disagreements. It’s provided no detail. Rep.

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If nonhuman primates are made to choose between different types of sound and tamarins were the test subjects here prefer the slow rhythmic chatter of other members of their own species. They show no interest at all in music. The same result emerged from studies with other species of primates.

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