You go out there and you try to win the game

Flint Motschenbacher, Thielen’s head coach at Detroit Lakes, knew one of the assistants. “Nobody’s on this guy,” Motschenbacher told him. “You should take a chance.”. Watt, who has made seven stops against the run and leads all 3 4 defensive ends in the amount of times the opposing quarterback was pressured. In fact, he has two more than the next two best players combined. Their defense has been playing great: allowing just 1.4 points per drive by their opponents, but their offense leaves a lot to be desired.

Dwayne Haskins avoids sack, finds Jeremy Sprinkle (11:44 third quarter): Haskins’ overall numbers weren’t impressive, but he made some nice individual plays. Facing second and 15 from the Washington 42 on the Redskins’ first drive of the second half, the rookie backpedaled to avoid a sack by Bruce Irvin and found a wide open Jeremy Sprinkle down the middle for a 23 yard gain. The completion under pressure led to a field goal that gave the Redskins their first lead of the game..

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Salters: I was, because I told him beforehand I said, “Look, I’m going to be asking you about what happened. Are you prepared to talk about what happened?” He said, “Yes, I am.” And then we get to that and he doesn’t. Afterward I asked his representatives and said, “Look, I was a little surprised.

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