According to two sources, Kennedy has told at least

Inspire Change is the same thing: The NFL is sanitizing real stories to make them more beneficial to its own brand. The death of Jones shouldn’t be minimized, and Boldin’s pain is genuine, but that’s exactly why the league wants to use it or more accurately, to co opt it. The league’s campaign becomes a defense against any claims of cynicism, but meanwhile, the catalyst for this entire pursuit has been erased..

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At the same time, hair specifically, appearing to care too much about your hair can be treacherous, a metaphor for vanity and self indulgence. We want our presidents to look good but not to try too hard to achieve that goal. Reagan always took pains to deny, implausibly, that he dyed his hair.

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But that doesn’t stop the planning. According to two sources, Kennedy has told at least one clerk in the hiring process that retirement is always a possibility. Although the fact that Kennedy has hired clerks seems to strongly suggest he’s not ready to hang up his robes yet, a retirement announcement in April would not be unprecedented.

“Once they sit down and talk to me for a while, I feel like things have changed and they’ll know that’s not me from that night,” he continued. “As long as I know that’s not me from that night, I’m not worried about it. Once they take the time to know me, they’ll see the guy who I really am.”.

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The problem with the developmental roster is anyone can poach it. It’s not a safe place to squirrel away players which is why we have some teams fudging injuries to players wholesale nfl jerseys to keep them around (ahemColt Brennan last yearahem). I hope this is also addressed with a new CBA.